“Ageing gracefully” is often used as a euphemism to describe women who choose to grow older and embrace the natural signs of ageing without undergoing any aesthetic procedures to help them maintain their looks.

We all know that getting older is inevitable and while you can’t control your age, you can slow the decline of ageing with smart choices along the way. Most of us are aware that looking after our bodies, including the foods we eat, exercising, limiting alcohol intake, reducing sun exposure and not smoking all has an effect on how fast or slow our body ages.

So what about looking after your skin? Why is it that many people don’t choose to consider what they can do to slow the decline of ageing skin? Is it because we want to age gracefully?

In my experience over the past year and in speaking with many of my customers in my age group (FYI I’m celebrating my golden jubilee this year!) most people say “I wouldn’t know what to do and why would I do it”.

For me the answer to the “why” is simple – it’s all about skin health and looking after the largest organ in our body that has the primary function of protection. Consider the old adage of prevention is better than cure – it’s easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened… and usually when it comes to skin, our interest piques when there is something wrong.

In terms of what you can do to look after your skin health there are many options. Today though I want to link this blog back to ageing gracefully and in reality, who wouldn’t like to regain their skin of years gone by? I believe what holds many people back from pursuing facial rejuvenation is social commentary and what other people think and also the fear and risk associated with invasive procedures or even the thought of injecting a foreign substance or toxin into their body.

PRP CamberwellRecently I posted about a new treatment we are introducing at Unique Laser – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP uses your own cells to rejuvenate your skin without the need for surgery or injecting synthesised substances into your body. It enables your skin to be repaired at the cellular levels using your own powerful growth factors.

Plasma is a light yellowish liquid component of the blood and makes up about 55% of the body’s total blood volume. It’s main role is to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the parts of the body that need it. Platelets are “super healer” cells and contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which help heal injuries and repair and regenerate new tissue.

Not only is PRP is an effective treatment for facial rejuvenation, it also works for hair loss, including restoration of over-plucked eyebrows, stretch marks and other medical applications such as musculoskeletal injuries, wounds and surgical procedures.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP MelbourneSo for those who are seeking a more natural approach to anti-ageing procedures, PRP is the best biological skin rejuvenation treatment. And remember prevention is better than cure and perhaps “Ageing Well” can become the new euphemism for skin health.

And the good news is that it’s never too late to get started. Book a consultation with Shona – our resident aesthetics practitioner at the Camberwell clinic. Call 9882 2450 or book online to secure your complimentary consultation.


PS – Did you know that you can donate plasma and platelets to the Australian Red Cross. Learn about the types of donations you can make and how to donate blood today at “one-step-closer”.  Here’s the link to the One Step Closer web page: https://www.donateblood.com.au/one-step-closer.

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