Feel like you want one but don’t know where to start? That was me! I thought they were some chemical treatment related to cosmetic surgery that meant days of downtime and hiding away until my skin repaired. How wrong I was! Here I look under the skin of peels to share what I now know so you can understand how they can help improve skin health!

In simple language, peels are a deeper exfoliant to remove the top a top layer of skin and help skin cell turnover. Dead cells are found on the exterior of our skin, are always flaking or washing off and are constantly being replaced by new cells. We all slow down as we age and the skin is no different – infants skin turnover cycle takes about 3 to 5 days whereas when you reach your 50s’ it can slow to 60 – 90 days. As the cycle increases, the dead cells accumulate on the surface which causes deterioration of the skin structure and can result in bacteria becoming trapped causing blemishes and breakouts, spots or discolouration and sometimes more serious skin conditions. At the very least deterioration presents itself in lines, wrinkles and deeper folds. Essentially, peels speed up the skin turnover cycle so the goal is trying to maintain an average cycle of 28 days which is typical for a middle aged adult.

The status of your skin will determine which peel is best for you – different peels treat different issues relating to the cell turnover cycle but all will kick start the process of cell renewal.

Unique Laser Christine ConnorAll face peels involve applying a solution to your face and the solution was where I got stuck and stopped right there! Who wants chemicals put on their face to take away dead skin cells? I always thought chemicals could cause damage to the skin!

But … there are two types of peel solutions – those that are naturally derived acid or those that are chemical. The potency can be dialled up or down to suit different skin types, so there really is a peel for everyone and every concern and… they are also one of the most affordable and effective ways to dramatically improve your skin.

At Unique Laser we have a selection of peels that can help with a plethora of problems to improve your skin’s surface condition and hydration as well as help with skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and scarring. My recommendation if you’ve never experienced a chemical peel before is an AHA Enzyme Peel. It’s a gentle, micro-exfoliating treatment that uses Papain Enzymes to polish the skin, Vitamin B3 to strengthen immune defence and Chamomile, Vitamin B5, and Hyaluronic Acid helps to soothe and hydrate. The end result skin is left clear, bright, and hydrated while dryness, flaking, and sensitivity is no longer.

Don’t just sit there like a lost lemon – get peeled today!

Exclusive to Unique laser Camberwell we have 10 bookings for an AHA Enzyme Peel PLUS a complimentary LED treatment for only $79 (value $168). Call the clinic on 9889 2450 or book online at unique-laser.com.au to secure your spot!

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