It’s a good question. If you had of asked me this 18 months ago I would probably have said the normal … wash, tone moisturise to keep you looking young and prevent ageing. Nothing more.

And sure, the outcome of looking after your skin may be a more youthful appearance with less fine lines and wrinkles but there is so much more! So let’s shift the conversation from beauty clichés and talk about why you should [skin] care.

I’m sure, back in the day as some would say, I learned in a science lesson that skin was the largest organ in your body. But I had truly forgotten this and the function it performs.

The skin is like Tupperware for our innards – it holds everything in and provides an airtight, watertight and flexible blockade to the outside world as well as helps with temperature regulation, immune defence, vitamin production, and sensation.

Everyday our skin is:

  • Protecting against water loss and acting as a barrier against bugs, allergies, poisons and other health hazards via the parts of our immune system that exist in our skin;
  • Regulating our body temperature;
  • Healing wounds;
  • Producing melanin to protect us from UV radiation and Vitamin D which helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis; and
  • Providing interaction with physical surroundings through one of our five senses, being touch.

Camberwell skin care

So as the largest organ and first line of health defence, it deserves so much more!

Many people only start focusing on the skin once there is a perceived problem or abnormality. Most common concern we receive at Unique Laser Camberwell is discolouration, pigmentation, spots, congestion and acne. All of these can be treated through cosmedical skin treatments.

What is a cosmedical skin treatment I hear you say? It’s like medicine for the skin without a prescription. A skin therapist/specialist, as opposed to a medical practitioner, performs treatments and prescribes cosmesudical products tailored to your personal skin health needs. Check out my blog on “Keeping it Simple” for a refresher on the categories of skin care.

Combined with a regular cosmedical skin treatment, central to skin health is a consistent home care routine and patience – you won’t achieve instant gratification.

At Unique Laser Camberwell we want to be the destination for affordable, credible cosmedical skin treatments and skin health options for men and women. Many things fade in this life but the skin you’re in – that’s yours for life! Healthy skin is vital to living a healthy life – look after it and it will look after you!

So to those who want to optimise or improve their skin health there are some basic steps that can make a big difference and result in a noticeable improvement. To learn more come and see us at Unique Laser Camberwell, follow me on Facebook and Instagram to read my blogs and learn about special introductory offers to get you on the right trajectory.

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