In my recent article about instant gratification, I talked about my weight gain since opening the clinic and set myself a goal to be under 70kg by 18 July. Well I thought it was time for an update …

I’m pleased to say (if I must say so myself!) my skin looks amazing!

However …. The past couple of months has been an absolute roller coaster and I have found it challenging establishing routine and discipline and in fact when I returned from holidays at the end of July I actually weighed 78kg!!!

It’s not all bad news though! My dear friend Emily Rovere is helping me establish good eating habits again and by participating in her Body Transformation Challenge I was able to lose 4kg over the past four weeks and am now down to 73.7kg and already feel much lighter and brighter! And I have set myself a new goal of 70kg by the end of November.

To help me I’m also having Ultrasound Body Contouring treatments designed to help sculpt your body, reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten and firm ageing or lax skin. Just another little secret I want to share with you as a fantastic ‘helping hand’ solution when it comes to sculpting and toning your body. It’s not the panacea for weight loss and focusing on your diet and exercise is still the primary objective however if you want to:

· Remove stubborn areas of fat on your body
· Get rid of unsightly cellulite
· Sculpt and tone
· Tighten and firm up sagging or ageing skin on face and body
· Smooth out scars or wrinkles

Then join me in this challenge. I can also offer you an eating plan that I followed for six weeks and lost 9.1kg. Let’s do this! PM me or call the clinic on 9882 2450 or book online for a consultation at

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