Since opening the clinic, I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people with unique threads that make up this fabulous and rich tapestry of life. In this section I want to introduce you to some of those people who have woven their threads and brought great colour into my unique tapestry and love the skin they are in.

Ingrid Pich is one of those. Ingrid is 70-plus years young, and is an anti-ageing health advocate, a supporter of life change, and a master of vitality!

Ingrid Unique LaserAfter getting divorced at 57 she set herself new goals and began to create a life that she loved! At 60 she did her first solo paraglide and started running, completing three marathons.

Two years later she had a massive career leap, leaving the corporate world to become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Ingrid says she is finally doing things she truly loves, that life is for the living, and you are never too old to re-shape your life.

Loving the skin you are in can mean many different things – for Ingrid, always having a challenge and living life is of upmost importance as is feeling good about yourself and experiencing an inner happiness. She says it is easy to think money or certain people can make you happy but the truth is that genuine happiness can only be found in being oneself. Living with purpose, loving and accepting what comes your way.

Ingrid also does public speaking and holds seminars that empower people to eat healthily, look after their wellbeing, and stay young. Learn more about Ingrid and what she can help you with at Exercise Easy.

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