As humans we are hardwired to want things and in this day, our preoccupation with consumerism has a lot to answer for…. It’s when we want it and we want it NOW! It’s called instant gratification. I think the most noteworthy example of our desire for instant gratification is in the world of weight loss. We are all tempted by the promise of losing weight in the shortest period of time but the reality is weight doesn’t go on overnight and conversely it doesn’t come off overnight.

Fat loss cavitation is not the panacea for weight loss but aids in removing stubborn pockets of fat that exercise and diet won’t shift.

Since I opened Unique Laser in November 2018, it has become evident that we seek instant results in clinic treatments. Fat loss cavitation, inexplicably linked to weight loss, is an example of this. It doesn’t cause weight loss but is associated with the same results. Essentially it causes fat to be turned into liquid which is siphoned off through the lymphatic and urinary systems. It takes six to ten treatments to get a result but often people give up after two treatments because results aren’t instantaneous. It’s not the panacea for weight loss but aids in removing stubborn pockets of fat that exercise and diet won’t shift.

Skin treatments seem to be the same. In our search for eternal youthfulness we seek immediate observable results. Of course, there are several things that can be done for immediate results such as cosmetic injections, but, like weight loss, to achieve long lasting results a skin plan, which may prescribe various treatments over the course of a four to six month period, coupled with the right home care is vital.

Of course, may of the tips offered for skin care amount to tips for general good health and this makes sense. Our bodies are made up of many separate, but interlinked parts and our skin will always benefit from an everyday healthy routine.

So here’s my challenge …

I’ve also gained 7.8kg since opening the clinic. I can give many and varied reasons for my weight gain but ultimately it’s because I haven’t been taking care of my whole self. For me this means ensuring I watch what I eat, (I look at food and put on weight!), exercising for not only maintaining my weight but also for regular endorphin releases so I sleep well, have more energy and feel positive about myself.

So today I’m going to say it out loud! I’m going to practice delayed gratification and over the course of the next seven weeks, I’m going to focus on my nutrition, start exercising and have a full skin treatment plan so I can get back to being uniquely me. Today I weigh 76.8 kg and may goal is to be under 70kg by 18 July.

Join me on the trek and follow the path to becoming uniquely you.

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